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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The theme of Donna Cooner's book "Skinny" is that obstacles will always try to bring you down but you should work around them and try your hardest. Objective Summary: Ever Davies weighed 302 pounds andwas bullied at school. She wanted to get gastric bypass surgery butwas scared that something wouldgo wrong. She finally gave intoherself. The surgery went well butshe suffers after trying to change the voice inside her head that wont keep whispering others true thoughts. PLOT: In the beginning Ever Davies was in mental pain by a voice named skinny thatwas inside of her head and whispering thethoughts of the people around her. Ever weighs 302 pounds due to eating herfeelings after her close relationship ended with her mother due to death by cancer. Shecurrentley lives with her father and her step-mother. Along with her two step sisters Briellaand Lindsey. Briella is Around Ever's age(15) and Lindsey is a senior in highschool. Both sisters treat her as if she was invisible dueto her weight. She makes the very hard decision to get gastric bypass surgery with could end insevere injury or death. She does not wantsomething bad to happen. In the middle she has the surgery. Her best friend Rat has been there for her since the beginning. Due to her surgery she can only eat very little food. She struggles still trying to fit in and the voice still beingin her head. But Ever is shedding many pounds a week and Rat helps her track them all. Briella still acts as if Ever does not exist. In the end ever begins to fit in withothers around her. Briella's friends treat her as one of their own. Skinny stops telling her peoples thoughtsas much as she did. Briella takes Ever problems intoher thoughts and apologizes. Ever loses 100 poundsshe realizes that skinny wasnt real. It was her. Setting: The setting of this bookis in Texas. But most of it takes place at Ever's school. This helpssupport the theme because at school there are many obstaclesthat you have to learn to workaround. Characters:EverBriellaRat Ever is the protagonist because she is the maincharacter that has issuesthroughout the story thatshe has to learn to fix somehow and Briella is the antagonist because affects the antagonist inmany ways throughoutthe story.
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