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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Skeeter is a rich, white woman.She was practically raised by herblack maid, Constantine,the origin of her liberal views.Skeeter is an independent girl, and she'll be darned if someonetries to tell her what to do do. Skeeter's friends are rich, white, snooty girls whocall themselves saints because they holdpetty coat drives to help kids in Africa.Christian to the core, married, and with children,these are women Skeeter learns aren't really the kind of friends she wants. Skeeter decides to write a book aboutthe black help. With the help of two maids, she writes what becomes a bestseller. It is very controversial,but even the most racist of women(Skeeter's friends) read it. These maids do everything for their employers. They cook, clean, takecare of the kids, but most are not allowed to go to the bathroom inside the house, instead venturingoutside to an outhouse-like structure.Skeeter knows this is wrong. She wantsto show the world the terrible treatment these maids must endure. What other jobcan they have? And it isn't like they earn much money, most can'teven afford cars, and must take thebus. Skeeter Phelana fictitious characterfrom the New YorkTimes Bestseller"The Help" Minnie Jackson Aibileen Clark Eventually, more and more maids want their stories told.They hadn't realize that someone might listen, might care,and they hadn't felt like they mattered at all. Together, Skeeter, Minnie, Aibileen, and the rest of the maids stood united. Even with nasty schemes planned by one of Skeeter's friends,Hilly, in her way, a breakup caused by Skeeter's book, and the struggle to get maids to tell their stories, Skeeter pushes through and publishes her novel. Besides spreading the word on what these maids have to go through, Skeeter frees the minds and heartsof the maids she helps, and makes them feel important for once. Skeeter changes the lives of so many people. Jackson, Mississippi
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