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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Water World OF AMOUNT For every water bottle purchased, simply pure donates the proceeds to help make clean water available to adults and children who don't have access to it. PROVIDE CLEAN WATER TOPEOPLE IN NEED It is estimated that only 1 in 7 people have access to clean drinking water. The other 6 can help change that. HOW CAN SIMPLY PURE HELP? Simply Pure can help increase the amount of safedrinking water in thesecountries. Countries Population with sustainable access to improved drinking water sources U.S.A. Haiti Niger % PERCENT OF CLEAN WATER % Ethiopia Afghanistan Madagascar 99% Somalia Kenya 22% 50% 29% 42% 42% 40% 47% CLEAN WATER SUPPLY IN OTHER COUNTRIES COMPARED TO THE U.S. WHEN YOU PURCHASE ASIMPLY PUREWATER BOTTLEYOU... INCREASE YOUR HEALTH reduces headacheshelps mental alertnessbenefits digestionreplenishes skin tissueanti-aging propertiesregulate body temp.removes toxinshelps with weight losshelps with asthma and allergiesboost metabolic rateit's DELICIOUS. BENEFITS decrease the number of deaths in developing countrieshelp to provide access to clean drinking waterimprove access to effective sanitation help governments, citizens and the private sector in developing countries to manage water resources better. This will give more families, farmers and businesses access to the water they need, when they need it. By drinking from a Simply Purewater bottle, the filteredpurified water will helpprevent you from drinkingcontaminated water you think is safe. Created by: Taylor Lancaster Branch Manager Simply Pure: New York SimplyPure.Org
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