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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 VHEMES vhemes = visual + themesstart by dragging a predesigned vheme onto the canvas OBJECTS drag and drop icons,shapes, text or upload your own from our extensive library of artwork your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] double click on textto edit or change TEXT Simon Wiesenthal double click to change this header text! double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Simon Wiesenthal .. Born in Balzac on December 31, of 1908. Known as the Nazi Hunter Simon was sent to 5 different concentration camps.He survived all five. Before the camps Simon lived a good life. Simon had done very good in school he even earned a degree in Architectural engineering during the early 1930s, setting up a practice in the city of Lvov and, in 1936,he married Cyla Muller, A few years later, the He had to work in a bedsprings factory and later reported that he was only able to save himself and his wife from being sent to the camp Siberia through bribery like money.After the German occupation in 1941, Wiesenthal and his wife were placed into forced labor at the German Eastern Railway plants.Cyla was able to pass as Polish and was transported out of the camp by an underground movement. Facing a waking nightmare, Wiesenthal was in prison in a lot of different camps,during which time he managed to escape, though recaptured, and attempted suicide twice.Later, a large group of SS guards, fleeing the Red Army, also transported less than three dozen prisonersthe only people still alive out of an original camp population of more than 100,000.Wiesenthal was released from his final camp in Mauthausen, Austria, in May 1945 by a U.S. Army unit. He made his way back to health and was reunited with Cyla by the end of 1945. Dozens of members of his and his wife's families had died in the camps, among the millions of Jews and other populations who were killed during the Nazi regime. Research was found on,, but mostly fact monster.
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