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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Copyright Act of 1790 was the first copyrightact implemented by the American government. Gave protection to authors of books, as well as maps and charts. Once again the author's work is protected for fourteen years with the option of renewal pending the author is still alive. This law was put in place to incentivize american authors and scientiststo create their own works. History of American Copy Right Law 1790 1976 1988 Statue of Anne: Implemented by British government, it established copyright themes that stay constantthroughout the rest of American copyright law history, such as author's ownership of the work and a fixed term in which the work is protected. In 1710 that term was fourteen years, with a possibility of renewal. 1710 1909 In 1831 the Copyright actwas expanded to protect works for 28 years, with the possibility of a fourteenyear renewal. In addition musical compositions were now protected under this act. 1831 In 1909 the Copyright act was extended once again. This time the copyright protection was extended to cover essentially all forms of creative expression, including exhibitions and performances. In addition,the renewal time length was increased to 28 years. In 1976 copyright was extended to life of the author plusfifty years. In addition, the fair use doctrine was created, which states that sometimes there are situations wherecopyrighted materials can be used. Also copyright wasfurther extended to cover more works like movies. The United States signed the Berne treaty which placed it in a union of nations with similar copyright laws. The US recognized those nation's copyrights, and our copyrightswere recognized by them. Also there nolonger needed to be a copyright notice to ensure copyright protection. 1998 1998 was a huge year for copyright law in America. First the Sunny Bono Copyright termextension act increased protection to author's life plus seventy years. In addition, the DigitalMillennium Copyright Act was enacted, which created rules to protect online service providers from violating copyright laws, integrated the World Integrated Property Organization Copyright Treaty, and allowed for copies of programs to temporarily be made during maitenance.
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