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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 select a approach a decision matrix is a simple way tochart your proposed solutions, proposed solutions is x axisand the y axis is the requirements. test and evaluate correct the prolbems durring testing andrecord and analize consider alternative solutionsdo not allow preconceptionsto limit your idea. stay open mindedcompare your design ideaswith the criteria and constraints then refine and improve yourproduct so it is the best it couldbe research ideas andpossibility's research is essentialfor finding the best possible solution use mathematical orsiencetific knowlageto find the problem specify constraints and identify criteriacriteria = guidelinesconstraints = limitations communicate theresults by making a formal presentation or demonstration of your product brainstorming solutionswhen you work record your ideas oneone conversation at time so you canstay focused. build on others ideas and work on quality vs quantity. define a problemdevelop a statement that identifies what, who, when, howthe problem should be adressed select an approachdetermining best solutions will involvetrade offsuse a desision matrix to help dientify the best solution develop a written design proposal once a design has been selected thenyou create a plain of action start description, sketching, and tecnical drawings make a model or prototypemodels can be conceptual,mathematical or physical. make / create your product the product should clearly reflect refinement made to the design threw the process.
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