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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to change this title text! Theme That sometimes looks don't always matter but sometimesyou don't know who you will fall for. Objective Summary Kyle was the meanest guy in High school. All he cared about is looks and if you're ugly youhave no point. He Has played a joke on this girl Kendra, butlittle does he know she'sa witch. She has already cast a spell on him. This spellcan only be broken by making someonefall in love for the spell to break.. But he only year to break the spell. But Kyle doesn't know the girl he will fall in love with is right infront of his face.. Lindy!! Plot In the beginning of this book, There is this dance. This girl named Kendra thinks she is going to it with Kyle but he really just wants to make her feel bad about herself.Of course because she is ugly. Kyle onlycares about looks. But he doesn't see what's coming to him until it smacks him in theface. She puts a curse on him that makes him as ugly on the outside, as heis on the inside. This curse can only belifted by him being able to make someonefall in love with him in the matter of a year.. Plot When Kyle finally realizes who he has to be with, her nameis Lindy! They spend a lot of time together threw the book. He got her lots of thingsand threw the book he learns that gifts can't buy love. Plot In the end of the book. Kylewants to let her have everything she has wanted.. He writes her a letter that says how he feels.The curse was lifted by 3simple words.. I love you! Setting At this house that his father sent him too. So that no one could see him. Charater Protagonist- Kendra she cast thespell on Kyle that makes him have to fall in love. Antagonist-Kyle and Lindy they are the ones who are meant to fall in love. Beastly
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