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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Future Proofing In User Experience Design The design industry constantly updating themselves. New technologies, new products, new servicesand new ways of working appear at a phenomenal rate. What was true today wont necessarily be truetomorrow, and what skills are required today are likely to need to change to meet future demands. SERVICE DESIGN UX designers are increasinglylooking at the end to end userjourney thus its important thatthey are able to utilise servicedesign tools and techniques tohelp design and map out theoverall service. BUSINESS SKILLS Future UX designers will notjust need great design skills,but great business skills too.Delivering presentations,writing business cases, dealingwith key business stakeholdersare some of the skills required Future Proof Skills I need to develop KEEN EYE FORTRENDS Arguably so that many of these skills are already required in the UX Industrybut I believe that these skills are going to be especially important to stayrelevant in the industry as an individual needs to continually updatethemselves in knowledge of these skills which are also constantly changing. INTERACTION DESIGN With the world aiming to humanizetechnology, I believe that ID is alsoa huge essential part of the eco-system that we are trying to create.Having knowledge and skills from IDwill make you extremely relevant inthe design workplace. INITIATIVE I personally feel that this is themost essential skill as having initiative means that the individualwill find their own opportunitiesto ensure that they stay relevantby contributing to the companyand constantly improvingthemselves
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