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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 your artboard Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater Shiver has differnt themes to talk about. But the theme i am going to talk about is Love. The setting of shiver takes place in Mercy Falls, Minnesota. Usaslly thr events happen near Grace house or the forest that surrouds the place. The conflict in the book isThat they have to figure outa way to keep Sam a human. The cold is approaching and Sam is going to change. Grace does everything she can to keep him human. If Sam turnsback to a wolf, Grace and Sam cantbe together. They both go to the extremeto stay together. Plot: Grace has always watches the wolves by her house. One day she finds a boy who happens to be the wolf who saved her when shewas younger. Sam and grace havea connection. They like each other but many things cant get in there way. They loveeach other and will protect each other The Main characters in the book are Grace, Sam, Olivia, Jack, Isabel. Grace is timid, pale and she really likes really books would do anythingfor Sam. Sam is also very reserved, hehas nice eyes and cares a lot for Grace. Olivia is Graces best friend. She loves photography.She also likes wolves. Jack cause a lotof trouble for everyone. Isabel is very shut off at first, kinda intiadating. The tone of the story is is kinda of unexpected.And it has romance in it.It is unexpected because you don't know when Sam is going to turn into a wolf. You don't know when Jack is going to rebel againstthem. The story is romantic becaues of the romance that isbetween Sam and Grace. They both wantto protect each other, they love each and would find a way through everything.
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