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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Definition: any of an old chinese breed of toy dogsthat have a square short muzzle and long flowing coat Long silky coat that comes in many different colors and combinations.Puppies are fluffy like a teddy bear and the older they get their hair becomes long and silky and must be groomed weekly. Short legs and small feature in their face. Stubborn attimes and do not listen when called. Require little to some exercise. Unusual characteristicof them, they have an undershot bite. Lower jaw is slightly larger than the upper jawmaking it easier for them to eat small bites of food. Descendent from China. Legends long ago believe the white spot on the top of a Shih Tzus head was the place where Buddha kissed his loyal friend. Buddha believed the Shih Tzus were the guardians of their temples. 14th oldest breedsand date back to 8,000 B.C. Marco Polo thought that the small dog was a small lion and kept with hunting lions as companions to keep them calm. Many believe the small lion was the Shih Tzu in the cages. During the Mind Dynasty the royal families kept the Shih Tzus because they resembled a small lion. Loving, loyal, gentle and docile The color genetics of the Shih Tzus is what makes them so unique. They come in such a variety of color combinations. They are darkeras puppies and the older they get they change hair color to a much lighter color. Each one will have different markings as their mom and dad because of the coloring of their genetics. There are up to 19 or more different color combinations. Their skin pigmentation can vary depending on the color of the dog. Shih Tzus make great pets because of their easy going personalities. They are great with children. They love to play and very trainable. They are alert and extremely lively dogs. They love to cuddle and sleep close to their owner. They make friends with anyone who walks thru the door. They are not aggressive nor are they guard dogs. They are sweet pets. Theyre healthy dogs but prone to some health issues. Allergies and eye problems are most common becauseof their large eyes. They can be prone to ear infections because of the ear drop and canals are dark and a perfect place for infection. Some Shih Tzus are born with hipdysplasia or patellar luxaton. Shih Tzus can live from 10 to 16 years. Most will be anywhere from 9 to 16pounds and stand 9 to 10 inches at the shoulder. SHIH TZU
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