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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 December 25,1918- August 6,1997 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Early Years/ChildHood Life After High School After attending Leland College for 2 years after high school, Pershing attended Morehouse College. After 2 years at Morehouse he attended Meham Medical College.In 1941 he married Alice Clement, two years later their first child was born,After graduating medical school Robert and Alice had their second child.After the birth of his second child, in 1949 Robert joined the army.Pershing was promised a head surgeon position in Austria as a member of the United States Army.Jim Crow followed him there, as his commanding officer was from Mississippi and told him there were no head surgeon position He was able to make a name for himself in the Army because he was smart, charming and a talented doctor. Life After War Robert Pershing Foster Robert was born on Christmas day in 1918. He was born to Madison and Ottie Foster in Monroe, Louisiana. He was the youngest of four.In order Madison, Leland, Emylin, and Emylin twin sister, Evelyn died as a infant than Robert. In 1953, Robert left the army and returned to the South where his service didnt make a difference.He was still living within Jim Crow.He didnt want to return to Atlanta because Alices parents already had too much say in their lives and he refused to be a doctor in Monroe because he couldn't work in the city hospital. To pursue his medical career he moved west to California. On his journey out west he realized racism was every where. He was denied lodging in New Mexico and Arizona. He didn't get treated fairly until he reached San Diego.Robert was having a hard time establishing himself in LA as a surgeon and so he took a job with an insurance company to try and make ends meet and establish himself. In 1955, Robert was given admitting privileges to most of the hospitals. He was still plagued with the differences between himself and the white doctors when they talk about Vegas and other privilages they enjoy that he cant. That same year he went to Las Vegas. He loved to gamble and this was the one negative thing that tarnished a great legacy. He also had his third daughter that year as well.In 1957, he met Ray Charles and became his doctor and lifetime friend. Because of their similar background from the hurt they endured in the south. Sadly in 1974, his lovely wife Alice passed away.After her death he lived 23 more healthy years until being diagnosed with cancer in 1997.Robert passed away on August 6, 1997 at the age of 79. Death
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