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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SHARKS Shark Endangerment double click to change this title text! The endangerment of sharks .Sharks are being finned for shark fin soup. There are more than 300 different types of sharks and thirty two percent are threatened with extinction. The skin of the shark is used for it's leather. Sharks stomach is used for trout food. Teeth and jaws are used as jewelry and weapons. The eyes are used for cornea transplants. Attacks on Humans Sharks attack lots of humans,every year sharks kill 20 to 40 people a year. Sharks do not purposely attack people but sometimes we get in their way. Most attacks happen from eight at night till five inthe morning. The attacks happenbetween ten meters and fifteenmeters off shore. Food Chain In the shark food chain, sharksare on the top. A shark can kill a whale that is up to two times the size of it's self. Sharks are the top predators of the oceans. The order of the chain is: Large Shark, Tuna, Mackerel,Small Fish, Shrimp, One Cell Life. Feeding time for sharks is from 8:00pm to 5:00am. Anatomy/Adaptions Shark anatomy is an interesting thing. Sharks are invertebrates.There are two fins on the sides of the body. The shark has hundreds of teeth and the jaw has about 100 pounds of force and a planation feeding shark has four thousand teeth. They also have a tail that moves side to side. Every sharks tail has a different shape. Ecosystems/Habitat Sharks live in salt water. The tiger, bull and white sharks all swim together in schools. Sharks can live in all depths of the ocean.They will eat any type of meatand they help the fish populationstay at a low number so they donot over populate.
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