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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sharing Photos and Videos Online How to be safe Once you post, it becomes public and anyone can see it Sharing Safely Sharing photos and videos online can let people you don't know into your likes, location, and daily habits Turn of your location on your smart phone or laptop when uploading photos and videos. Sharing online can show the location of where you arewhen you upload Resources 1. 2. Why should you think about what you share? Think twice before you post! Look over photos and videos to make sure there are no details that imply anything illegal, sexually explicit, or give a lot of information about your location *resources - Millions of people use social media sites to share online pictures and videos. There are some safe and unsafe ways to share personal online information. Lets take a look! When you share videos and photos you couldput you and others you know at risk What you post publicly can be seenby anyone! Your family, friends, employers, schools,and strangers 3. Change any videos or photos showing personal information and your location to a private setting 4. 5. Before you post think if you want youremployer, school, and family viewing yourupload. Once you share something online it is possible for anyone to see it! Report any comments, pictures, or videos that you find online involving yourself that you don't want others to see. Once you report it, the online service is required to take it down! Please Rob Me Online Safety
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