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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 California to tackle water scarcity by converting seawater I think there acting that way because they want us to have a clean water source. I think whats going to happen next is that they are going to do the water transformation. I would have a person that works there because I would kinda have a little discount on the water. QUESTION:Would like the transformation to happen.If you did agree why?Do you think that it is a good idea. CARLSBAD, Calif. Along this patch of the Pacific Ocean, construction crews nearly outnumber the surfers and sunbathers.Assembling what some hope will make water scarcity a thing of the past.They are building the Carlsbad Desalination Project, which will convert as many as 56 million gallons of seawater each day into drinking water for San Diego County. The project is expected to cost $1 billion to complete.Customers in the city of San Diego will help pay for the plant through their water bills, which could increase as much as $5 a month.The building will house more than 16,000 reverse-osmosis membranes salt filters, essentially. They will convert the Pacific Ocean into drinking water suitable for making coffee and watering lawns. Power plants.... ANSWERS: Yes I would like to see the transformation to happen.Ms.Henryyes because there is barely any fresh water lakes under ground and the oceans has millions of gallons of water and i don't want to see California die of thirst or not take showers so i would like to see this transformation and good luck to California.
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