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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SUSHINE STATE If poachers continue to hunt for Florida Panthers they will be very close to extinction 25% Florida TreeSable Palm Florida ShellHorse Conch Florida's FlowerOrange Blossom There are only about 130 Florida Panthers left in the wild Florida's ReptileFlorida Alligator HOW FLORIDA MAKES BIG BUCKS PIONEER LIFE IN FLORIDA Pioneers wore cotton dresses, and cotton pants and shirts and animal skins.Pioneers also made their clothes from any ole' cloth Pioneers lived on small game, fish and alligators for food Fishing earns Florida $207 million each year. Agriculture earns Florida $6 billion each year. If pioneers wanted clothing theywould have to buy it or make itthemselves with excess cloth. Pioneers had to be very skillful and had to make most of thethings they needed to survive. CONTRIBUTORS TO FLORIDA'S GROWTH Henry Plant built railroads increasing trade and tourism.He built his first hospital in arailroad car in St.Petersburg Walt Disney built Disney World in Orlando, making it a tourist hot-spot. Henry Flagler built a railroadthrough Florida to the Keys RESOURCE INDUSTRIES SPACE RACE The first lunar landing originated in Florida.The launch pad has ideal weather conditionsbeing based in Florida. NATIVE TRIBES Timuca Indians used palmetto forroofs.Apalachee means "people on the other side".Calusas are the original people ofof Southwest Florida 3 Causes:TradeLandSlavery SEMINOLE WARS Increased farming andexpanded portssuch as Tampa tolaunch ships.