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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Processed food has aset of standards they have to reach to be soldto the public. Here isa link to the guidelines: Organic food has to meetthe same standards atprocessed food and another set called NOP. PROCESSED FOOD VRS. ORGANIC Shape Difference Processed Food has been alteredand they only pick the biggest andbest. For example meat is made up of hundreds of different animals and fruit are all the same so thereshape is similar and not natrul Organic fruits and vegetablesare rarely the same they have different sizes shapes. For example pears would bedifferent sizes. all the same vrs. all diffrent standards How Plants are Grown Chemical fertilizers, synthetic weed killers, and insect killers are sprayed on crops to"protect"when most of these are sprayedthey could be harmful to the person spraying. Organic food uses natural fertilizers like compost or manure, environmentally friendly ways to kill weeds, and use pesticides from sources in nature. How meat is Produced Animals are given medications for growth and preventions of diseases. The slice of meat is also made from a lot of different animals.These animals are raisedin a dirty, bacteria, dark, crammed housing. Organic animals are givennatural feed with a balanceddiet. The animals are raisedin clean housing and treated humane. Citations Info: The different lables The Different living styles
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