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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 January 11, 18 & 24 Sunday, 1/18, 2pm (doors open @ 1:30pm)Madison Public Central Library201 W Mifflin St 2pm: FOOD CHAIN$: THE REVOLUTION IN AMERICA'S FIELDS 1pm: MISS REPRESENTATION Documentary, USA, 2011, 87 min., Director: Jennifer Siebel NewsomHow does media consumption influence girls? How does this position them for leadership and success? 2011 Sundance Film Festival, 2011 AFI Silverdocs Film Festival*Follows the short film, THE REPRESENTATION PROJECT: REWRITE THE STORY 3:30pm: SEX FOR SALE: AMERICAN ESCORT (mature content) All events are FREE and open to the public! Documentary, USA, 2012, 45 min., National GeographicSex is for sale in Las Vegas: who sees the profits, who does the work, and who holds the power?*Follows the short film, WHY ARREST MEN WHO BUY SEX? (End Demand IL) 2015 SlaveFree Madison Film Festival Documentary, USA, 2014, 80 min., Director: Sanjay Rawal Tomato pickers in Southern Florida just want a fair wage, with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), they're taking on the big supermarkets that set the prices. 2014 Berlin Film Festival*Follows the short film, THE VALUE OF WORK (We the Economy) Saturday, 1/24, 1pm & 3:30pm (doors open @12:30pm)Fitchburg Public Library5530 Lacy Rd FestivalKickoff! *film sneak peeks*speakers*community Q&A with Mike Moon of Just Coffee & John Peck of Family Farm Defenders will follow the film Co-sponsored by Madison Public Library & Fitchburg Public Library Sunday, 1/11, 4-6pm High Noon Saloon701 E Washington Ave
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