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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Many managers can be vain, believing that theyre the only ones who can lead a negotiating team. Managers need to come down from their high horses and let those who know the other party and who have been closest to the situation take over. If youre a manager, consider staying in the background. VANITY SLOTH SEVEN SEVEN DEADLY DEADLY SINS SINS NEGOTIATION NEGOTIATION OF OF PREPARATION PREPARATION GLUTTONY Negotiators often prepare their strategies based on a belief that the other side will make the first proposala mistake in almost all cases. Because the other side may very well be a glutton, leaving you with the shorter straws. So always prepare as if you will make the first proposal. GREED WRATH ENVY PRIDE CRASH AND BURN CRASH AND BURN Don't Don't in your next negotiation. in your next negotiation. Many people set their objectives based on greed instead of reason, which leads to poor negotiation outcomesbecause greedy objectives are seldom materialized. While they eventually get part of what they want, the cost is usually way too high. So always be reasonable when developing objectives. Laziness isnt lost on negotiators. Many dont both to come up with variables that could be incorporated into the negotiatingmix. You should think of theitems of value that could be offered to the other side and what useful items could the other party offer you. Taking this approach facilitates a more productive negotiation and promotes favorable outcomes for both sides. Having already been ticked off by the other sides actions before the negotiation has begun, some negotiators prepare in a state of anger, which leads to strategic planning madness designed to get back what they deserve. This approach is a sure path to a failed negotiation. When preparing, be calm and unemotional, focusing on the best strategy to achieve resultsand not on the best way to win the battle. Negotiators often overrate the other sides strengths and are far too empathetic. They believe that the other party has more power than them and thus dont prepare effectively. Yet in most cases, the other side is also overvaluing them. So be realistic when looking at your negotiating partner so you can achieve meaningful outcomes. Proud negotiators often spend too much time thinking about their side and themselves. But to be effective, you should spend most of your time researching and analyzing the other partys issues, strengths and weaknesses. This way, you can give the other side a good deal while stillgetting what you want.
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