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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 7.Bed-wetting Serial Killer Nikki Yang A serial killer is a person who has murdered three or more peopleover a period of more than a month, with down time between the murders 1. Physical Injuries 2. Acting our fantasies on animals 3.Developing voyeurism and fetishism in adulthood 6. Growing up lonely and isolated Many serial killers will start their deviancy as relatively harmless peeping-toms, before moving on tohouse-breaking, rape, and murder. Family members of future serialkillers are usually out of stepand at odds with each other. Even though bed-wetting in itself has been discredited as a predictor of later violent tendencies, it is speculated that it might be related to arson and animal cruelty in some way. Almost all serial killers--in fact 99% of them admitted that they started by acting out their violent fantasies on animals before graduating to human beings. "I wished I could stop but I could not. I had no other thrill or happiness," said Dennis Nilsen, who wondered if he was truly evil. Serial Killer 70% serial killers receivedextensive head injuries as children or adolescents, clearly showing the link between these types of injuries and serial murder. 4. Preferring auto-erotic activities Without any substantial social structure inhis life, the killer is unable to embark on a normal sexual relationship, and thus is forced into solo sexual activities 5. Fantasies Serial killers fantasies are often aboutcontrol and violation. In fact, during research, it became evident that serial killers could remember NO positive fantasies they had as children. 99% 57% 43% Over 57% of serial killers were bed-wetters until an unusually advanced age.

 8. Sexually stressful events in childhood Some contracted venereal diseases as teenagers; were punished for masturbating as children; or were sexually abused, most often by parents or family members. 46% 54% 46% of serial killers never finish high-school 9. Psychological abuse during childhood According to the interviews and discussionsthat have been held with known serial killers,emotional abuse and neglect has been the form of abuse most of them (50%) suffered. 10. Alcohol and substance abuse Children who are exposed to alcohol and substanceabuse in the womb may suffer from serious birth defects. According to the FBIs statistics, the childhoodhomes of more than 70% of serial killers experienced problems related to substance abuse Thesis People aren't born to be serial killer, growth environment and childhood education are the two biggest influences
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