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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 70% of serial killers received extensive head injuries as children or adolescents, clearly showing the link between these types of injuries and serial murder what creates serial killers? Growing up lonely and isolated It all boils down to the idea that such children have no meaningful relationship as they grow up, and therefore end up lacking the capacity to forge such relationship; they end up as loners. Charles Manson Charles Manson had a terrible childhood like most serial killers. He had no known father and his mother was a criminal who eventually rejected her son. Manson spent almost all of his early years in reform school or jail. Manson himself later characterized her physical embrace of him on the day she returned from prison as his sole happy childhood memory. In 1947, Kathleen Maddox tried to have her son placed in a foster home but failed because no such home was available. The court placed Mansonin Gibault School for Boys in Terre Haute, Indiana. After 10 months, he fled from there to his mother, who rejected him. abuse as a child Perhaps Charlies most memorable line was You made me,when referring to how he thought society had made him what he was. It almost goes without saying that most serial killers were abused as children. According to the interviews and discussions that have been held with known serial killers, emotional abuse and neglect has been the form of abuse most of them (50%) suffered.
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