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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Semester Reflection I loved how we got to discuss the novels through different social media websites. My favorite tool had to be twitter! I really liked hearing the feedback from my peers. It was helpful to get different perspectives of each chapter. Twitter's best feature in my opinion is the character limit! It keeps things short and sweet. This semester was great. I really enjoyed using different social media sites to connect to my peers. I think it enabled us to become closer as a class. My favorite website we used was twitter! I liked how you can share pictures, links, and thoughts all in one place. The best feature that twitter has in my opinion is it's character limit. This kept things short, and sweet! This way we didn't feel over- whelmed by the need to post something extremely long that nobody really wants to read. It was like action packed, straight to the point assignments. What I liked. Favorite book. The Tale of Two Cities was beautiful Dickens made me feel like I was in the book right beside Lucie. Although, the events were predictable, I still enjoy his complex themes. Such as, change can happen at anytime, and the theme of self sacrafice. Charles Dickens What I disliked. This semester we were required to make a number of trailers. I liked doing the trailer project once, but after that it became tedious. One suggestion I have is to have a wide range of projects. So that people who don't really enjoy movie making, can still have a chance to have fun doing projects. Least favorite book. I didn't think any of the books we read this semester was not a worth while read. I did have a book that I did not enjoy as much as the others though. I thought this semesters books were more interesting than first quarter. With that being said the book that I thought was a little slow was Uncle Tom's Cabin. It just wasn't applicable to me as the rest. Harriet Beecher Stowe
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