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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Time : a d 1325-1521Religion: to meny gods Time :a d 1100-1533Religion: to meny gods Time : 200 b c-ad 900Religion: to meny gods AZTEC INCA MAYA Hernan Cortes KEY FIGURE: I, Hernan Cortes, I help conquer the mighty Aztecs I was from Spain I won victory for my king back in Spain AZTEC INCA MAYA 1.Mayan people were ruled by a collection of city-states2. Mayas disappeared mysteriously 3. The king didn't treat the people right 1.When the Spanish arrived in south America they conquered the Aztecs2.Aztecs invented the dye for the color red and the Spanish understood this dye world a valuable commodity3.Aztec designers needed around 70,000 insects to produce jest one pound of red dye 1.special of occaionssuch as death2. they toke inda or Mexico 3.they have a bay of basely Similarities: 1. they all in central America2.they all believe in more then one gods 3. all have humming sacrifice How did religioin impact their civilizations?they have a lot of gods they warship the gods and go to churchand learn about him How did geography impact their civilizations? help people live and get food and have a flood but the flood help people grow there food Three theories for why the Mayans disappeared are.... 1.likely to please their gods 2. more intense and frequent around 800 ce. 3.maya shows the Maya war like nature when he states thatI believe the thriving Mayan civilization came to an end because I think they came to an end because of the diseases spraying around them. and some people past the diseases from touching people. Floating Gardens Innovation Tenochtitlan Floating Gardens the floating gardens is wear the people go farming to get there crop to eat 1 they live in the Andes mouton 2.they never invented the well 3. they had ston houses macho picchu incacs double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Aztex andes pacific ocean maya mexico gulf of mexico double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally.
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