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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Everyday people of all ages have to face problems that challenge their self confidence. There are many key differencesbetween high and low self esteem. High VS Low Focus on growing and improving More commonin children Focus more on failures Outcomes include:depressionsuicidal thoughts The Effects of Self-Esteem More commonin adolescentfemales than males Parentalapproval Peerapproval Perceived competence in categories of importance The child or adolescent may also feel different and experience more peer rejection Do you view yourself as being accepted by others? In a study, lower self esteem was mainly found in children with certain disabilities Migraines Self-Confidence can also affect a person's decisions Confident people tend to pick riskier decisions ??? ...while non-confident people tend to choose the safer decision By Kevin Eivich and Sarah Zulli YES68% NO32% Out of 59 participants, 19 responded with a no40 responded with a yes. Do you focus more on you failures rather than your achievement? NO71% YES28% Do you have any physical or mental disorders or disabilities? YES51% NO49% Not only do gender and age have an effect on self esteem, but also disabilities.Those with disabilities may have lower self esteem due to.... Do you find it easy when making decisions? NO47% YES53% Studies have shown... 1 - 13% 2 - 15% 3 - 28% 4 - 34% 5 - 10% 1 - 15% 2 - 8% 3 - 35% 4 - 26% 5 - 16% Out of 59 participants, it is shown that there is a connection between life satisfaction and amount of self confidence On a scale of 1 to 5... How happy do you consider yourself to be? How confident are you in your abilities? Thesis: Overall, self-esteem is greatly affected by gender, age, appearances, and certain conditions.
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