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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 One should have an idea about what the jewelry is going to add up to their outfit. You want it to bethe show stealer or you are wearing it to compliment your attire. Think about it! Your jewelry is appropriate for the occasion or event you'll be wearing it to. Determine how long you want it to last and how often you plan to wear it. After all burning a hole in your pocket for that pair of priceless gems to embrace your ears and that little solitaire which brings twinkle to your eye is no use buying which will be worn only once in a blue moon. Know how much money you want to spend. Just because my neighbor is having an American diamond pendant I should also buy one is totally a stupid move and ladies are more beautiful if they are blessed in the brain section. So evaluate your money before you splurge it. If you can, try on the jewelry or hold it up next to you to determine whether it suits you. Just becauseit looks good on the mannequin doesnt mean it will look good on you too. Be realistic. Determine the jewelry style and benefits of spiritual value for the wearer. Sometimes some stones may not suit your body type so one must open to such notions before opting for buying a jewel. As it is rightly said diamonds are a womens best friend, so next time you go out to buy one make sure you go through the above list to seal the best deal. Happy shopping! To buy More Handcrafted Jewelry Visit:
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