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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sam Nora Florence Amir Maricela Kim -Kim is from Vietnam, she moved to America after her father died-She was the first one to plant something in the garden (Lima beans) because she wanted to impress her father-She is very quiet and shy (only 9 years old)-She has a self vs. self (internal) conflict due to the fact that she never met her father before he died -Sam has lived in America for the majority of his life-He tries to "sew up rips in the neighborhood" and overall just make the world a better place-He is helpful, thoughtful and inquisitive, allowing him to carry out his plan to fix the community-With the help of a teenager, Sam planted pumpkins and came up with a water solution so people didn't have to haul water-He solved the person vs. nature conflict about water by hosting a contest for a water solution -Maricela is from Mexico although she didn't move from there, she is 16 andpregnant-She is pessimistic and prays for her baby to miscarry-She is in a program through her high school specifically for pregnant teens and for the program they have to plant things in the community garden-Maricela's conflict is internal because she wants her baby to miscarry but she can't necessarily control it -Amir is from India and he lived there while he was a child-When he saw the garden at first, he was reminded of his parent's Persian rug and planted multiple different things for his family in the garden-He planted eggplants, onions, carrots, and cauliflower-He is observant and noticed how the garden brought people from around the community together-His conflict was when a man took a woman's purse and different people from the garden chased after the criminal (person vs. person) -Nora is from England and she takes care of an old man named Mr. Myles-She is very caring and sensitive-When she was taking Mr. Myles for a walk, he got interested in the garden so Nora got him supplies to plant various flowers-Nora's conflict was person vs. nature because she talked about how the sights on Gibb street were "less than uplifting" since she is used to beautiful storefronts and landscaping in England -Florence's ancestors were freed slaves from Louisiana -She saw the garden on Gibb street and wished she could be a part of it-She is reflective and observant and when she looks at the garden it reminds her of the fields from the farm she grew up on-Her conflict is person vs. self because she would like to garden but due to her arthritis, she cannot
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