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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Renaissance EuropeThe development of our Western World view Humanism Humanism is to value potential of a person. That means intellectual, analytically and creative abilities of people are more important than just relying on God. People got more jobs and money due to the black death and started talking about human potential and its proper utilization. This changed they way people viewed the world. The Silk Road Religon Religion was dominating force in people life. People thought that they did not have controlon their life and cannot change their social status.People started viewed the world differently due to number of factors.One was trade on Silk Road andthe black death.People started drifting away fromreligion.Humanism took over the thoughts of people about world.People were becoming less religious and more inclined towards science, education and technology. Socail mobility Art Science People started wondering about natural phenomenons about world. They discovered scientific reasons behind nature.Logic and reason took over the perception of society. New inventions made thinking more logical. Galileo Galilie an astronomer found out that theEarth moves around the Sun not the other wayaround. Technology . Before Renaissance there was no changeis social status. Rich were supposed toremain rich and poor stay poor throughouttheir life.During the Renaissance socialmobility increased due to more educationand new ways of thinking.People were free to move up and down in social classes.People with greater potential were able to rise in the society. Education People started learning and getting educated. They learned about science, literature, math, art and new ideas brought by traders from Mideast to Europe.This changed their way of thinking about life. Invention and mass scale use of printing press was reason for spreading knowledge through books. They valued education more than religion.This weakened control of church on people life. People had more control on their own life and could make their own choices. Art changed a lot during Renaissance.Before this people didn't sign their portraits because they believed that God knows who created them. Most of paintings were related to religion and God. During Renaissance people started making morerealistic portraits and signed their work. That hows a major shift in the thoughts of people.But still there was some reflection of religionin the paintings. Technology had advanced a lot during Renaissance. The biggest invention during this time was probably the printing press because it helped in spreading of knowledge and ideas through books.Technology facilitates life of people and made it easier. Therefore, use of technilogy brought quick changes in perception of people and behavior of society. The Silk Road was in operation from 206 B.C. to 220 A.D. It was used for trade between Europe and Asia for goodsand spices. The European traders brought new ideas, culture and traditions from Mideast to Europe.Intermixing of ideas changed people perception about life.This lead to rise of new merchant class in society. Ali.Siddiqi 8-15
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