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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Secret Santa Gift Ideas At Target they have Burt's Bees lip balm is $2.99. at Target you canget these cozy socks for $3. The name of the chocolate isLindt Lindor. You can get them at Target for $3.50. At Target you can get the Nivea cream for $0.92 For instance, the easiest gift youcan buy is a gift card. All you needto do is go to their favorite storeand get them a card with asmuch as $15 dollars or less. Chanelle Nguyne (11) said, ¨It is the easier but, the most sensiblegift.¨ Another idea that you can use if you got a girl for Secret Santa is located at your nearest Target,Bath & Body Work, and the DollarTree.All you need to spend is as lowas $11.41. Genesis Cortez (10) said,"Girls are easier because girls are more narrow and like everything." A king size Kit Kat is $0.89 at target. Candy Canes are $2.00for a 12 pack at Target At the Dollar Tree you can get this jar for $1. Boys Only You can find these gift cards atTarget for as much as you want.For any store or restaurant Both Boys And Girls Gift Girls Only A package of chocolateis $3.19 at Target If you dont know what to get a boy for you Secret Santa its aseasy as going to the Target, andForever 21 . All you need to spend is $11.98. "I think it its hard to get a guy for a Secret Santa because they don't like alot of things",commented Kevin Bravo (9). Pintrest Pintrest At Target At Bath & bodyworks you can get a small bottle of lotion for $5. A Cable Knit Beanie Cost$5.90 at Forever 21. Don't stress out about thinking about what to get you Secret Santa. I've got the perfect ideas for you and its as low as $15. Pintrest
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