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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WW2 Started Childrens Daily Life People and Protection Changes in Jewish Lives Food and Shopping End of World War 2 Connections with Anne Frank: Connections with Number the Stars: World War 2 Food was something was something hard to get in the Second World War. Certain food as pizza, didn't exist during this period. People were give tickets for food, this was called food rationing. Many Jewish people were discriminated and not allowed to do certain things. Many were killed in gas chambers. Citizens in big cities carried gas masks in case of a gas attack. Sometimes people had to make evacuations and blackouts so they wouldn't be captured. World War Two ended in 1945.It ended because of the surrendering of Japan because of the atomic bombings in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Germany ended totally destructed. In a Typical family the dad worked while mum looked after home. Most young people left school at 14, and started working. One of the sources of entertainment was listening to the radio. In the end of the First World War, Germany lost some of its land and was not allowed to have an army. Adolf Hitler was voted by the German people in1933 representing the national socialist (Nazis). This would become one of the toughest wars. In Anne Frank, she and her family were hiding of the Nazis because they were Jews and many Jewish people did the same. Another connection isthat they were captured by Nazis soldiers and lotsof Jews were captured by Nazis. In Number the Stars, they had to ration their food and in the second world war everyone needed to ration it. Also they were hiding a Jewish family and lots of people did that.
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