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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The story of Scorpius:Orion bragged about being able to kill every animal on earth. A scorpion was then sent to battle Orion to see if his theory was true. The scorpio ended up killing Orion.It is called MUL.GIR.TAB (Scorpio) by the Babylonians and this means "Creature with a burning sting" double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Size: 497 sq. degrees (300 times as big as the sun!)Position: Near the center of the Milky WayLocation: Southern Hemisphere Whens the best time to see Scorpius?!Best seen at latitudes 40 and -90 during July at appx. 9:00pm Scorpius; the constalation Open Clusters: Messier 6, Messier 7, and NGC 6231Globular Cluster: Messier 4, Messier 80 Nebulae NGC6357and NGC6334 are located here Antares is a red supergiant with an apparent magnitude of 0.9 - 1.8. It has a mass of 15.5 times > the sunand 619.7 LY away from earth.It is in class M1.5Iab-b + B2.5V Shaula is a bluewhite super giant with a magnitude of 1.63 and a mass of appx. 10x > the sun, with a solar radius of 6.5its about 580 LY away from earth and its in class B2 Dschubba is a blue subgiant star with a diameter 6 times of the sunand its solar mass is 14.6. its appx530 LY away from earth it has a magnitude of 2.32 its class is B0.3IV. Graffias is a blue white mainsequence starwith a magnitude of 2.62 and a solar mass of 10.its 7 times > the sun and appx. 550 LY away from earth.and its class is B1V Sargas is a white-yellow giant has a mass thats 5.7 > times the sun, a solar radius of 26, and a magnitude of 1.87.its 270 LY away and its class is F1 II Alniyat is a blue giant star with a mass thats 15 > times the sun, a magnitude of 2.89, and asolar radius of 6.5. it is appx. 683 LY from earth andis in class B1 III Lesath is a blue subgiant with a solar radius of 6.1, a magnitude of 2.69, and a mass that's 11 times > the sun. it is 575 LY away from earth and its in class B2 IV.
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