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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How Many Hands Does It Take To Build A Bike? So, tell me.. knowing this..How many hands does it take to build a bike? According to Belgium in the 1800s.. First, you have to take over, or imperialize, a weaker country than yours! Like Belgium did to the Congo! Establish yourself now!Your new colony is richwith resourceslike rubber! Make sureto send troops to civilize thesenatives! Once you have found all your resources, like rubber, use thesehalf-devil half-childpeople to pick it out of the vines! Remember, these savages are differentfrom us people! So it isour job to rise them to our racial status Discipline never hurt nobody!If these beings disobey you, chop their hand off! If their hands are not doing what is needed of them, then that privledge of a hand will be eliminated Killed a vine?CHOP! Didn't meet their quota?CHOP! CHOP!CHOP!CHOP! Get your troops again!They need to collect something- whether it is a basket of hands or rubber..They will send the rubber out to factories for use! During the Industrial Revolution, rubber was high in demand.You would havemade a profitfrom the rubber,paying workers little pay,and not keeping factoriesclean and safe! Finally,after all this work that was done tocivilize savages and collect rubber,we have finally made a bike! 1885 to 1904 10 MILLION people died, whiping out 50% OF THE POPULATION Did you know?
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