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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Scientific Revolution Conflict in the struggle for a "New Science" Critics of Classical Knowledge The "Novelists" The Aristotleans "Scientists" who defended Aristotle "Francois Patrice [ie Patrizi] tried to discredit this philosopher [ie Aristotle] but the didn't succeed ...many others , who through their quills, only left monuments to the fame of this philosopher who were not able to fly high enough to dampen the soaring and glory of the Peripatetician (Aristotle), since he transcends (is above) everything sensible and imaginable, and the others crawl on the ground like little worms. Aristotle is an eagle in philosophy, and the others are like chicks, who wish to fly before they have wings." ~ Marisenne "Certain people might have desired that one not be allowed to advance an opinion contrary to that of the School. But that wouldseem inconsistent with the freedom of our reason,which loses its name if it remains entirely under therod of the magistrate; the temperament of our nationis less well suited to this than is that ofany other nation. And daily experience showsus that there is nothing more inimical to knowledgethan to prevent the search for truth, whichprincipally appears in the opposition betweencontraries." ~ Renaudot After reading and annotating both texts, which group do you think has the most to loose in the conflict for a "New Science"? What about their words might tell you that they have the most to lose? What about the wordsof the other group tells you they could win the conflict? Write a paragraph to answer the question. Read the texts and provide at least two annotations for each side.
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