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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 tap and hold to changethis text! Car Saftey Features SEATBELTSSeat belts are made to keep passengers in their seat even in the event of impact. They are adjustable and come in many different forms. AIR BAGS Air bags are placed in specific spots in vehicles to prevent the passengers from hitting places near them. They provide life saving benefits, but they do have malfuntions sometimes. Childeren under 12 years of age should not sit in the front seat. HEAD INJURY PROTECTION Foam and other soft materials act as head injury protection. Some cars have airbags, but both work to prevent injury to ones head. ANTILOCK BRAKE SYSTEM Prevents vehicles from having brakes lock up in panic breaking. ABS have different features with them. HEAD RESRAINTSHead Restraints are of the seats in a vehicle to keep limited head movement. In the front seats requirements are met, but not in the back seats. TRACION CONTROL Improvment in the stability of the amount of slipping the wheels can slip when power is applied. the system adjusts he engine power. ALL-WHEEL DRIVEGives power to both the front and back wheels to ensure the most possible traction. It does not prevent wheels from slipping when power is applied. ELECTRONIC STABILITY CONTROL Designed to assist drivers in keeping control of their cars during extreme steering. Senses when a vehile is starting to spin out and applies brake automatically. Reduces crash occurances, but cannot keep caar on road if the speed is too maximus. WEIGHTData shows that cars with more weight tend to have more protection than cars of little weight and same saftey features.
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