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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Going to swim in a backyard salt water pool! Positive Aspects Negative Aspects -You don't have to drive to get to a pool. -Fun way to exercise -Cool place to hang out with friends -Doesn't get used for more thansix months a year. (winter) -The eco-system that was there wasforced to relocate. (Now theres a pool in the area) -Uses a lot of water -Uses a lot of energy The first swimming pool dates back to over 5000 years ago. It was the Great Bath located in Packastan. www.swimmingpools.com A lot of people thinksalt water pools arebetter for you and the environment. but the truth is salt and chlorinepools are about the same! In a pool there is not just water, a poolrequires also many chemicals such assalt, stabilizer and sometimessodium carbinate. How to help the environment! instead of I can Instead of always having the heater on Turn it off when we willnot use it for a while Instead of buying newpool toys every year Buy pools toys we can re-use every year. -Keeps you refreshed Instead of using the eletric vacum Use the mannuel one. Never putting the solar blanketon the pool Put the solar solar blanket on tokeep heat in. Now what do you think about backyard salt water pools? -You can just walk to get there Madeline Jeffrey "reference on worksheet" would you buy a salt water pool? As you can see salt water pools in your backyard have positive and negative effects on the environment.
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