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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Halogens reactions with metals the seventeenth group of the periodic table contains five special elements. All of the elements are non- metals. Two of them are gases. Chlorine (Cl), Fluorine (F), Bromine (Br) is a liquid, and Iodine (I) and Astatine (At) are solids. They have many things like common: they all have seven electrons in the outer Shell. All of them make salts when they react with metals. Among the halogens fluorine is the most reactive because it has the least Amount of shells so the electromagnetic force is the greatest. Chlorine is Next then the other elements follow in the trend. Fluorine is a yellow gas with Boiling point -188c, Chlorine is a green gas that has a boiling point of -34c, Bromine is reddish brown and liquid with a boiling point of 58c, Iodine is a Grey solid that boils at 183c, and Astatine is a black solid that has a boiling Point of 337c. Another trend is that they all produce acids and negative ions. Chlorine with iron:Iron + Chlorine = Iron Chloride2Fe + 3Cl = 2Fe(+)Cl3(-) with sodium:sodium + chlorine =sodium chloride2Na + Cl2 = 2Na(+)Cl(-) with iron(III):Iron + iodine= Iron iodide2Fe + 3I = 2Fe(+3)I3(-) with iron(III):Iron + bromine = Iron bromine2Fe + 3Br = 2Fe(+3)Br3(-) uses hydrogen iodidehydrogen + iodine = hydrogen iodideH2 + I2 = 2 H(+)I(-) hydrogen chloridehydrogen + chlorine = hydrogen chlorideH2 + Cl2 = 2 H(+)Cl(-) hydrogen bromidehydrogen + bromine = hydrogen bromideH2 + Br2 = 2 H(+)Br(-) reactions with non-metals Uses of ChlorineChlorine is used to kill bacteria in drinking water and swimming pools. It is also used as bleach because Chlorine is very effect against e coli bacteria.It is seldomly used as a poison gas by the armiesChlorine is used to make plastics.It is a component of PVC. PVC is used to make clothing, flooring, electrical cables, flexible hoses and tubing.Chlorine is used in bromine extraction.It is used to make anesthetic. It is also used to make certain silicone polymers and is used to extract greases, oils and resins.Chloroform, which contains chlorine, is used as a common solvent in science laboratories. It is also an antiseptic for animals Uses of Iodineiodine is used in both radiactive and non radioactive medicine.iodine is also found in the body, along with thyroxin that contains iodineiodine is used to disinfect certain external wounds.silver iodide is used for photographyiodine is added to salt to prevent thyroidiodine is used in the lab as a indicator it changes color in different situationsiodine is also in cartridges Uses of sodium fluorideIt is used in toothpaste as it destroys the bacteria in the teeth. It is also in mouth washIt is used to treat water. But only n small doses because it discolors teethIt is commonly used in pesticides, including fungicides and insecticidesvarious types of adhesives and glues use sodium fluoride as a preservativeIt is also an aid for aluminum products more commonly known as table salt Uses for sodium chlorideIt is used in drilling fluids, it is used to flocculate (which means)It is table saltIt is used in dyesIt gets rid of harmful ions in hard water to make it drinkableIt is used to aid in shoveling snow by reducing the freezing point of the snow so it becomes a liquid with sodium:sodium + iodine = sodium iodide2Na + I2 = 2Na(+)I(-) Iodine Bromine with sodium:sodium + bromine =sodium bromide2Na + Br2 = 2Na(+)Br(-) sources Siddhesh Kotkar 10N
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