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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is GSM Termination? Process of convercion voice traffic from VoIP to GSM networks with helpof VoIP/GSM gateway subscriber A by local tariff plans and make money Find out how to make international calls Initiates call by his GSM cell phonefrom USA to his friend in Ghana. His voice in GSM format goes to a base station and reaches mobile operator in USA. From this call operatorrecives $1 for 1 min. Thenmobile operator converts GSM format to VoIP GSM signal USA mobile operatordoesn't transmit call abroad.This operator finds a big transit operator that will transmitVoIP trafic to Africa for $0.50 After recieving VoIP traffic in Africabig transit operator finds a middle transit operator that will reach VoIP call to Ghana for $0.35. But this transit operator has two options: Recieves call in Ghana subscriber B GSM terminator has a VoIP/GSMGateway, which has two features:1. it can convert VoIP format toGSM format2. it uses local Ghana operator SIM cards and calls to subscriber B. In fact terminator recieves $0.15 per one minute. But spends only $0.02to make call as local. So smart guy recieves $0.13 of margine for one minute instead of mobile operator B andmakes international call cheaper GSM terminator GSM call VoIP call V o IP GSM call c a ll V o IP c a ll 2. transmitting VoIP to GSM terminator for $0.15 and receiving $0.10. That's whytransit operators cooperate with GSM terminators more often c a ll V o IP 1. transmitting VoIP asinternational call to Ghana operatorfor $0.34 and receiving only $0.01. In this case Ghana mobile operator would receive good money and would pay taxes to Ghana government. Powered by ANTRAX solution START FINISH
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