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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Scavenger Hunt The Writing Center Career Services Financial Aide LSC-CyFair Library The Writing Center Offers Scheduled And Online Collaborative Tutoring For Reading And Writing Assignments In Any Discipline. LSC-CyFair Lakeside Café The Lakeside Café, located in the College Center, offers meal and snack options with various delectable choices including soups, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, a light entrée of the day, tacos and Mexican plates as well as burgers, chicken strips and wings and more from Della Suprema. Financial Aide is a government funded program to help with college tuition for people who qualify. A financial Aide office is located on every Lonestar Campus. Career Services is dedicated to helping you make informed decisions about your exploration process and career choices. Career counselors are available to help you with: The mission of the LSCS Libraries is to support a successful educational experience, nurture the intellectual and cultural life of the community, encourage critical thought, promote information literacy, and provide innovative and high-quality services and programs. Child Care Certified staff. Quality childcare you can trust.What could be more convenient than attending class while knowing your child is in a safe and fun environment? Our childcare services are low on cost but not quality and available at nearly every campus
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