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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "DIGITAL STEPS TO USING THE INTERNET" THINK AND BEWARE BEFORE YOU CLICK/POST double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. The act of broadcasting nudity and explicit materials have been common, esp-ecially with teenagers.These materials have came from millions of teenage girls sending nude images to their boyfriends and even strangers they meet on social networking sites. Even though some of these images were might to be privatesomehow they have been exposed and leaked to the internet for everyone to see. NEVER GIVE PERSONAL INFORMATION Sharing personal information online, for example:( address, phone number and identity)is the most riskiest part of the internet. Never give a stranger you met online personal information on your life or where abouts. Doing this gives them the privilege to display their intentions that can be of efficient harm. When asked for personal info, never respond.If their request gets out of hand report the situation and involve your parents/guardian. CREATE PASSWORDS THAT MIXES WITH LETTERS,NUMBERS AND SIGNAL DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP Digital Citizenship is the norms of appropriate, responsible use of the internet.This concept is used by teachers and parents that teach and prepare childrenfor the proper use of the internet. Adults and children misuse the internet everday by improper grammar, cyber bulling and explicit materials. - respect and protect others and youself- etiquette- security -literacy- learn to read and right-be responsiblr The stronger your password the safer your computeris from hackers. Making sure your passwords are all strongis beneficial for all purposes that requires using a computer. - atleast 8-16 characters longwith symbols,letters,numbers- do not contain real name- different from previous passwords NEVER RESPOND TO CYBER BULLIES The internet is loaded with cyberbullies, that often comment on others social sites. They display ignorant,disgusting behaivors that can be very hard to control or handle. The best way to avoid them is by reporting them. Don't try to respond ,the situation might get worst. Done by: D'jaunae Scarlett Digital Citizenship." Accessed September 23, 2014. Digital Citizenship. Online predator." Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Accessed October 16, 2014. Online predator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. "Digital Citizenship." Accessed September 23, 2014. Digital Citizenship. "Digital Citizenship." Accessed September 23, 2014. Digital Citizenship. "Digital Citizenship." Accessed September 23, 2014. Digital Citizenship. There are 2 main definitions of sext in English:." Accessed October 16, 2014. sext: definition of sext in Oxford dictionary (American English) (US).
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