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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How Does Access To Technology Lead To Gender Equality? Access To Technology Gender Equality Technology The People Who Make It... Currently, Most Technology Is Men. Reflect s Designed By Women Have Less Access To Technology Internet In 2013 The Gap Between Men & Women's Access To Internet Was By 2016 It's Estimated to be 350 Million. 200 Million Mobile Phones 21% Less Likely Women Have The Ideas, But Not The Opportunities To Shape Technology In School In School At Work At Work Women Make Up 10% of Internet Entrepreneurs In The World 21% Of Researchers In Engineering, Physics and Computer Science Are Women. In Many Parts Of The World Women Are To Own A Mobile Phone Access To Technology Gender Equality In 2013 Study, 15 year Old GirlsGlobally Out Performed BoysIn Science and Math Except In The US, Britain and Canada. Only 3 Fortune 500 Technology CompaniesAre Led by Women. In Leadership In Leadership Women's Idea and Businesses Receive Less Start Up Investment and Venture Capital. If Current Trends Continue, By 2040, 1% of the Technology Sector Will Be Women. Teams That Include Women Are Smarter, Faster and More Innovative. Women Led Technology Companies 21% Greater ROI* * Return On Investment If 600 Million Additional Women and Girls Were Online Then Boost GDP* by 18 Billion *Gross Domestic Productin US Dollars "Whatever The Question, Women Are Part of the Answer." - Gloria Steinem
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