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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Santa Anna santa Anna pictured aboved. Facts and Figures NUMBERS : 2 SIGNIFIGANCE: After Santa Anna first wife ( Ines Garcia ) died in 1844 he married 16 year oldMaría de los Dolores de Tosta. Santa anna was 50 years old at the time. This is not very common now days and is often looked at as wrong. Faith Outing Core C TEAM 9social studies NUMBERS: 16 SIGNIFIGANCE: The age that Santa Anna was sent to military academy by his parents.This was the start of his military and presidential carrier. SIGNIFIGANCE: The number 11 is significant because it represents the number of times Santa Anna served as president to Mexico. NUMBERS : 11 NUMBERS: 4 SIGNIFIGANCE: This Number is significant because it the number of kids Santa Anna had with his first wife Ines Garcia. None with his second wife. This shows how much Santa wasn't around during his second marriage. Mainly because of his military and political career kept him on the road. NUMBERS: 1,500 SIGNIFIGANCE :The number of soldiers that Santa Anna had at the battle of san Jacinto. NUMBERS: 1826 SIGNIFIGANCE: The year the political and military leader died on June 21. Your Topic Topic/Category Comparison Topic. Santa Anna Sam Houston religon Roman Catholic Presbyterian. Government beliefs Dicatorship Democratic-republican Rank Upper, Mddle, Low Class Race Occupation Lieutenant Captain Middle school Upper Class Hispanic White military/head of state Head of state 1,500= total number of Mexican soldiers 900= total number of texas soldiers 1,500= total of Mexican soldiers900= total number of Texas soldiers in san Jacinto battle. The casuality of san jacinto Green: Mexican soldiers woundedyellow: soldiers dead Red: Texans soldiers wounded Blue Texans soldiers dead
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