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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Help TKM vs Society Gives False Labels Atticus Finch In TKM an important themewas that society gives false labels.Dalphus Raymond for example, was given the label of a drunk.When later in the storywe find out he isn't a drunk atall, and society was falselylabeling him as a drunk. In The Help, Aibileen is falsely accused of being a thief.Because Aibileen was black, people were going to believe that she was a thief. Due to her skin color, people could falsely accuseher of something, withoutany evidence, and people would believe it. So a themeis that society gives falselabels. Skeeter Girls Get Together Racism Atticus was always fair to the blacks, for example, he defended Tom Robinson. People in town got together and suggested thatthey help feed thepeople in Africa. Aibileen Skeeter always treatedblacks fairly.Like how shewrote a bookabout them to help them. Some of the girlsaround town got together andthey were hypocrites because theysuggested to feed the people in Africa, but treated blacksin town unfairly. Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets PC | Introverted | Gaming Calpurni a The whole ideaof the movie hasto do with racism. Many of the whites treatedall black peoplewith disrespect. Both themes had to do with theracism in the world. Calpurnia takes care of the all the children during the day. Then she goes home at night. Aibileen takes care of the childrenduring the day, then goes to herown home at night. She is practicallythe kids mother. Tea Party Racism One of the themes of TKM has to do with racism.Many parts have to do withit, including the whole TomRobinson trial, or even whenJem destroyed the camilia bush. Society Gives False Labels
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