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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Functional Families: Same-Sex 100 couples studied showed the equitable division of chores because of same sex (1) 1-6 million children in America are raised by same-sex couples in 2005 (1) Contrary to popular belief, children who have same-sex parents are not that different from children with heterosexualparents. 50% accidental pregnancy rate among heterosexual parents (3) Same-sex couples cannot conceive directly with each other, careful planning has to go in before they start a family.Accidents are rare. (3) 60% same-sex couples adoptacross races (3) Minority children seem to linger longer in foster care than others. With homosexual couples adopting them, more childrenhave the opportunity to have a family. (3) Studies from 1981-1994 show that there is no differences in intelligence, type of and prevelance of psychiatric disorders, self-esteem, well-being, or relationships (1) Children of same-sex couples only seem to differ in that they are more open-minded, tolerant, resilient, and compassionate (2) Children of same-sex couples also are more likely to talk about emotionally difficult topics and feel more connected in school (2) Even though the idea of same-sex parenting is new to most of us and almost foreign, this does not mean that the children are at any disadvantage compared to heterosexual parents. Image From: Image From:
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