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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The three branches are : spanish american war F L O R I D AThe State of Florida was a part of the Confederate States of Americafrom the beginning of the Civil War. Florida has a population of 19,893,297since 2014.The National flower of Florida is orange blossom and the State fruit is orange. Florida is known for it's sunny weather and tourism. We have Walt Disney World and Kennedy Space Center! The SPANISH AMERICAN WAR was one of the worst and mostbloodiest wars of all time! P I O N E E R S L I V I N G I N F L O R I D AEarly Floridian Pioneers learned how to make candles and soaps,spinning, weaving, natural dying, quilting, knot tying, butter churning, leatherwork, bow & arrow making, woodworking, blacksmithing, broom making, metalwork, stenciling, basketry, toy making, etc. At the end of the Seminole Wars in 1858, only about 200 Seminoles remained in Florida. The Seminoles rebuilt their communities. They became part of the economic and cultural development of the Florida frontier. Beginning in the 1920s, some Seminole families worked at tourist villages. Mikasuki-speaking Seminoles operated their own tourism-related businesses along the Tamiami Trail. T H E S E M I N O L E S P I O N E E R S C H O O L I N G R E C O N S T R U C T I O N O F F L O R I D AFollowing the Civil War, there was a period of rebuildingknown as "The Reconstruction." The states that had fought so hard against each other realized that they needed to reunite.SHARECROPPING was one solution where freed slaves would pay the plantation owner rent on a portion ofproperty by giving the owner a share of the crops grown on that land. Black Codes also gave some of the freed slaves some rights.In order to ship materials, an extensive railroad system was built, THE FLORIDA RAILROAD.
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