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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Scramble for Africa Samantha Gonzalez THE BERLIN CONFERENCE OF 1884-1885 At the Berlin Conference Africa was divided like a pie between different European powers. The "bigger slices"of the pie went to the European countries with more powerwhile European countries with less power got the "smaller slices" of the pie. European nations said that they werein Africa to promote the three C's,"Commerce, Christianity, and Civilization". By the dawn of the 20th century almost all of Africa was taken as European territory Europeans sent teachers,missionaries, explorers and scientistsin order to establish churches, schoolsand hospitals. European culture was basically forced upon the diverse natives of Africa. European languages, religion, and education were forced onto the natives with no thought or care for the complexity of the already established African cultures. France Great Britain Portugal Germany Belgium Italy Spain Who owned most of the "Pie"European Powers in Africa (1914) The Return On Rubber Industrialized European Countries had already been buying slaves from Africa for years but they never had the chance to explore what is in the interiorof the large continent. With the invention of the steamboat and new advances in tropical medicine allowed Europeans to make they're way into the interior of Africa. European explorers gained knowledgeof the diverse natural resources the continent had suchas,ivory, cotton, sugar cane, tobacco and the resource that would later become what everyone wanted from Africa: rubber. The male rubber tappers wereworked to death literally. The familiesof the rubber tappers and porters were held hostage until they would return when they met their rubber quota Those who did not meet theirrubber quotas would have to suffer major consequences. They would have their hands chopped off, villages burnt down andhave their children murdered. It is estimated that from1885-1908 the nativecongolese populationdecreased by about ten million people ! Causes of population decrease: murder, starvation,exhaustion and exposure, diseases, and plummetingbirth rates. Leopold had a twenty-three year reign of terror in the Congo Free State. The native Congolese often tried rebelling against the FP (the force publique) by running from their villages, ambushing army units and setting the rubber vine forests on fire. The FP responded by sending soldiersinto the forest to find and kill rebels. In order to provethat they succeeded in their patrols they would haveto cut off their dead victims right hands to show they wasted no bullets.
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