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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. What Happened British general Sir Roger Hale Sheaffe ordered all valuables to be destroyed to prevent looting. This included the Sir Isaac Brock (a ship under construction), and the naval stores. The ammunition and powder stored in a stone-built magazine was lit, and the explosion instantly killed almost 40 men, and wounding over 200. Sir Roger Hale Sheaffe then retreated,leaving two men to negotiate the terms of surrender. The Affect American Brigadier General Zebulon Pike was killed in the explosion, and wounding many of the American soldiers, causing a huge strain on their medical resources. More than 150 British men were killed and wounded, and 290 men were captured.. After The Battle The Americans stayed for six days, and sacked any home they found deserted, and robbed several buisnesses. They set fire to the Parliament, Government house, and several other buildings, including the printing press. As well, the Americans claimed that there was a scalp hanging in the Government building, supposedly providing evidence that British warriors were savage. Impact of The sacking in York It was an embarrassment for the British from the capture of the capitol, exposing fatal weaknesses in their defense. So poorly defended was the town that Chauncey returned in July,unopposed to burn several public building, destroying their lumber yard and stealing supplies. Definition of Sacking To steal supplies and put em in a bag! Websites Invasion and Burning of York 27 April 1813 When it Happened It began on a morning of April 27 1813.14-16 ships under the command of Isaac Chancey went to upper Canada, York(Toronto), and beat a small group of indian warriors.They then attacked the fort which was poorly defended by 700 soldiers, and backed by unenthusiastic milita. double click to change this title text! By Hailey Emma.jAnd Potter (mercedes)
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