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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Africa The Rubber Boom Effects on Europe and Africa - Enslavement of thousands of indigenous people, and forced to work - The congolese were mutated if they did not supply enough rubber orIvory. - Their arms, legs were cut off or familythreatened.- Woman were often raped, and children were abused by the Europeans- When harvesting rubber, latex was used on their body, causing permanent damage.. Driven out of their land into a form of enslavement By: Monica Garcia Europe advanced due to the force extraction of rescources from the indigenous countries - Bought wealth and power to Great Britain, Belgium and other countries in Europe - Increase of jobs and urbanization - Free market Capitalism - Unfair working conditions for proletriet - Population in Europe grew - Rubber was a desired commodity for the industrial revolution - Development of railroads - Development of social works Impact on outside Europe Impacted other countries to adapt into more advanced technologyand improve their economy, Politically, Economically,and socially. - Inspired other countries to colonizecountries in Africa - Scramble for Africa - Berlin Conference: Conference where European countries split up land in Africa 0 50 100 January February March April May June July The rubber boom played a large progression on the industrial revolution, and the development of Europe., It was a important economic and political event. Where Europe enslaved Africans which supplied raw materials and goods to European countries, such as Ivory and rubber that progressed the Industrial Revolution Europe Europeans indirectly eliminated 20 percent of the Congolese due too forced labour. Which was about 10 million people
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