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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Irony Evolution BY: Sherman Alexie Verbal Irony Dramatic Irony Situation Irony The title "Evolution"Why: Evolution is the moving forward, however when theIndians culture was taken they were back to nothing The use Of words to mean something different from what a person actually says. when the audience is aware of something the character is not. A discrepancy between what is expected to and what actually happen Buffalo Bill opened a pawn store across form the liquor store(Alexie1-2).Why: He is going to take all the belonging and do something conniving. Bill close the pawn shop and turn it into "The Museum Of Native American Culture." (Alexie 13-14) Buffalo Bill charges the Indians 5 dollars a head to view their own stuff. (Alexie 15) Buffalo Bill Why: he was a con man The Indians pawned their hands, thumbs, and skeletons(Alexie 8-11).Why: symbolic, which mean they sold their souls for some liquor Buffalo Bill opens a pawn shop across form the liquor store. The Indians would pawn all their belonging for money for liquor. When Bill had all the Indians stuff he changed the pawn shop into "The Museum Of Native American Culture. Then charged the Indians 5 dollar a head to view their own cultural stuff. Summary Of Poem "Evolution: Alexie, Sherman. "Evolution." Compact Literature. Ed. Laurie G. Kisrzher and Stephen R. Mandell. 8th ed. Wadsworth: Boston, 2013. 702-703 Print.
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