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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ROMAN EDUCATION Modern era Children started school at the age of seven. More subjects have developed. Schools still teach the same subjects, but more modified. The subjects they learnt were reading, writing, math, literature and debate. This generation starts Primary school at the age of five. Roman era Math is now done with a calculator They did math using an Abacus "The teacher must decide how to deal with his pupil. Some boys are lazy, unless forced to work; others do not like being controlled; some will respond to fear but others are paralysed by it. Give me a boy who is encouraged by praise, delighted by success and ready to weep over failure. Such a boy must be encouraged by appeals to his ambitions."~Quintilian, a teacher in the 1st Century AD. Over two thousand years tradition have changed. The Romans were instrumental in developing education, but they still influenced our modren world. Wealthy children would be taught by a full time tutor and homeschooled. Other children went to public school. All children were taught by their mothers, to speak latin correctly and do elementary education. However a boy must learn the skills of his father's job. The son had to also know how to use weapons in military exercises such as riding, swimming, wrestling and boxing. Girls would stay at her mother's constant companion to weave and sew. However, poor children would not go to school and be raised as a slave. The Ancient Romans believed that education was the key, to having a good future. However the schooling was very tough and physical. Schools were based on fear. Boys were beaten for the slightest offence or learning something wrong. Girls formal education was cut short for earlier marriage.
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