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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ROMAN TECHNOLOGY The roman road system The roman road system The roman developed a vast road system that reached up to 400 000 km of roads ! The roman created different type of roads: - The military roads financed by the army that after campaigning were used by the public. - The public roads finance by the central treasury meaning the tax payers. - The local roads that were private and financed by the ownner or by toll gates !This road system helped to develop trade and business in the whole empire so successfully, that the roman invented also traffic jam !The roads were marked with mileposts. The mile post origin was the golden mile post located at the forum in the centre of Rome. - The road layout was as much as possible straight trying to avoid curves !- Romans invented modern road concept: - Engineers and army were building roads. - Drainage on the side. - Various kind of constructions material layers. - Smooth and lasting surface by using paving stones. Arch and concrete: The key points of the roman building technology. Arch and concrete: The key points of the roman building technology. The roman road system is the back bone of the modern european road system. Since the middle age, many roads are built on the former roman roads.The today financing for the construction and the maintenance of our roads is similar tp the Roman way: Private & public investments and tolls. Our road engineering features as well as our milepost system are directly inspired from the Romans. The hard roman concrete and the key stoned arches allowed the roman to build over 2000 years lasting monumental constructions ! The roman concrete was extremely hard and resistant.The Romans improved their concrete by creating a specific mortar- a mixture between limestone and volcanic ashes.This mortar was even effective to build foundations in rivers or sea bed !Recent studies reveal than the roman mortar is:more resistant that the former Egyptian concrete but also more suitable for underwater surveys ttha some modern concrete !The Roman did not invent the arch but they improved it by placing- A V shaped stone at the top of their arch. This key stone took the weight from above and evenly distributed it down on both sides. By: Clemence Bureau
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