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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1775 1765 1773 1765 1775 july 4,1776 1756-1763 This stamp was put onany parper goods from England. This made colonistform sons of liberty and get representation from Ben Franklin. The minute men were called to fight the redcoats.when they got to the battle field the Brittish were all lined up waitingThe first shot was unexpected so it was called the shot heard round the world. Paul revere had to put up onelight if the brittish came on land.2 light if they came by water.that night he road to Lexingtonto warn the sons with 2 lights. This was a fight for to win bunker hill.the colonist got some more fighter but not many. st the end of the war more then 1000 redcoats died and 400 colonist that died. the colonistmay have lost the hill but they didn'tloose more men. The French and Indiana war was theone that costed England so much money taxes got high and started riots *resources Revolution Road 1700's - 1776 The Sons of liberty blocked all water ways so the englishgoods couldn't get in. Then that night the sons dressed up asindians and dumped all the teason the left over boats into the water. 1770 king George III wasn't listeningto the colonist he just put redcoatsin Boston to scare them. one day someone through a snowball then itturned to a hight that killed 5 peopleincluding a newly freed slave. The second congress meetingon this day the declaration was done and the sons of liberty were ready to make this official. The congress met in Philadelphiaand on that day the sons of liberty signed it and got freedom for the thirteen colonys.
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