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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Colarado Rockies The rocky mountains range from 8,000 feet . At some of the peaks it can be 14,259 feet tall. The Colorado Rockies are a national park.There are many trails and people often ride horses through them. Three million people a year go to visit the rocky mountains! Total there are 359 miles of hiking trails.150 lakes and 60 mountains that are taller than 12,00 feet. These mountains are located 90 miles northwest of Denver. This is a map of Colorado There is lots of wildlife in the mountains but Grizzly bear, gray wolf, bison , and lynx are locally extinct. In the rocky mountains there are more than3,000 elk, 800 big horn sheep, and at least 300 different species of birds. There are many waterfalls throughout the mountains but there are 11 main ones here are a few of them. called Quzel falls,Fish creek falls,Bridal veil falls,Clear creek falls,and Zepata falls. It may be to your surprise that there are some deaths in the rocky mountains, most of them caused by animals, like a moose or elk charging because you get to close, but some are caused by people slipping off the trail. Some signs you should know of moose and elk before you go somewhere where they are highly populated is that if it looks at you and makes a sound or raises or lowers it's head quickly to slowly back away that is a sign that they are angry. This is a moose ready to charge. Images are from Google images and
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